Add a Bold Touch to Your Look With Statement Rings

Statement rings are a great way to add a bold touch to your look. They’re perfect for wearing alone or paired with other pieces of jewelry. When it comes to sizing, larger rings work better on the middle finger, which often carries a sense of balance and responsibility.

What is a statement engagement ring?

If you’re new to the trend of statement rings, it’s best to start off with smaller designs that will allow you to develop your collection without being too much of a show stopper for daily wear. Using smaller pieces that are easy to incorporate into your outfit will also help you get comfortable with how these types of rings will fit and feel on your hand.

Whether you’re wearing a ring that speaks to your inner rockstar or you’re looking to elevate your everyday style, you’ll love the way a statement ring instantly adds a touch of glam. These rings will grab everyone’s attention, drawing the eyes to your hands and adding a focal point to your personal style.

Pair your bold statement ring with a stunning bangle or hoop earrings to make a bold impression. You could even go for a bolder look and mix textures, colors and designs. Just remember that statement jewellery needs space to breathe and putting two pieces of bold design in close proximity can become a hot mess, so keep them apart. If you have sterling silver, you can keep your statement ring tarnish free by soaking it in lemon juice and salt once or twice a year.