Buying a Dog Leash

A dog leash is a daily essential, keeping your pet close to you when they’re outdoors protects them from running off or jumping into muddy puddles. It also helps to teach them social manners and to keep them from choking themselves or getting their collar caught on something, like other dogs or a branch. So when you walk your dog, you want to make sure they have a comfortable, durable leash that is easy for you to use and fits their needs perfectly. Learn more

Unleash the Style: A Guide to Choosing Fashionable and Functional Dog Leashes

When shopping for a leash, consider the length you want it to be and how big and strong your dog is. The width may not seem important but it can have a big impact, particularly if your dog is a chewer or pulls hard on the leash. A thin, narrow leash is more likely to snap through if they tug on it. You want a thicker leash that is sturdy, but not too heavy. You may also want a leash with different features to improve its functionality for your specific needs, such as a padded wrist loop or reflective details.

The most common type of leash is made of nylon, which is cheap and relatively hard-wearing. It’s available in a huge variety of colors and designs so you can choose one that suits your pet’s style and personality, and it doesn’t shrink or swell when it gets wet. It’s not impervious to chewing and can rub against your hand if they pull on it, though, so it’s not suitable for very active dogs.