Ceo Media Training – Why Your CEO Needs Media Training

Many CEOs and senior executives have never had media training. And even if they have, the media landscape has changed dramatically. So CEO media training training is vital to ensure your CEO can answer journalists’ questions and stay on message.

It’s easy for any leader to get caught off guard and lose control of a media interview. But with the right media coaching, you can learn how to keep your cool and stay on message even when a reporter throws a curveball question.

We often hear the excuse that a CEO or senior executive doesn’t need media training because they’re confident and charismatic, or because they’ve had plenty of media interviews before. But this mindset doesn’t always take into account how different each journalist is, the different styles of interview, and the fact that these skills are transferable – not just to the media but also to conference calls with clients or board meetings with directors.

Navigating the Spotlight: A CEO’s Guide to Media Training Success

The best way to ensure your CEO is prepared for a media interview is with on-camera practice sessions with a professional media coach. Role-playing with a full-size TV camera and professional journalist helps CEOs learn how to prepare, deliver and handle difficult questions and to practice using their approved key messages. They’ll also learn how to use bridging techniques so they can redirect an interview back to their key points. In short, they’ll become better spokespeople for the company and less likely to be misquoted.