How to Deal With Loss and Frustration in Online Gaming

How to Deal with Loss and Frustration in Online Gaming

Despite the often เว็บพนัน violent imagery and storylines in video games, researchers have found that hostile behavior linked to gaming is more likely due to feelings of frustration and failure in game play than it is to be caused by the games themselves. The study, published in the March issue of the journal Personality and Social Psychology, is the first to examine gamers’ psychological experiences rather than just focus on a video game’s content.

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One of the biggest problems that can lead to rage in a game is when technical problems occur. Ninth-grader Emilia explained that when her mobile phone battery dies during an intense game or the software is inoperable, it causes her to feel frustrated and enraged. In addition, several participants reported comparing their in-game performance to that of their friends, causing them to feel enraged when their friends perform better than they do.

This study also found that in-game need frustration was related to daily perceived stress whereas in-game need satisfaction was not. This supports previous research suggesting that need frustration and need satisfaction are two separate constructs, not just opposite ends of a need fulfillment continuum. Further, in-game need frustration was stronger predictor of negative outcomes than in-game need satisfaction (problematic gaming, escapist motivations and exit intentions).