Is Andrew Tate Running a Pyramid Scheme?

In 2022, an Tiktok user join the real world andrew tate Benleavitt accused Tate of running a pyramid scheme for “sigma males.” The video was a montage of screenshots of people canceling their Hustler’s University subscriptions and calling him a scammer. It also showed pictures of Tate with far-right figures like Jack Posobiec and Infowars host Paul Joseph Watson.

But some believe that the accusations are just part of a larger smear campaign against Tate. They say he is anti-women and has used his platform to promote misogynistic views and fake sexism. And they argue that his affiliate marketing program is a pyramid model.

Are The Real World students getting results

The affiliate program in question pays commissions on every sale of a course, which is why it seems like a pyramid model. But, in reality, it isn’t. The problem is that most of the courses in the program are useless, and some of them are even outright scams. The most famous pyramid scheme in history was Bernie Madoff’s, which defrauded investors out of billions of dollars. But there are other pyramid schemes that take advantage of unsuspecting people. Many of them involve online courses. Some of them are even based on affiliate marketing. Others are less obvious, such as predatory payday loans or basically any “charity” that only pays 80% of donations to its staff. Some of them are so blatantly unethical that they’re illegal.