Online Dating Tips – 3 Tips For Navigating the Process

There’s an old saying that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, and it might apply more than ever in the age of dating apps. With committed couples meeting and marrying online more frequently than ever before, it’s worth giving online dating a shot. But, before you do, consider taking some advice and tips for navigating the process.Read more

1. Staying safe online is important.

Almost everyone dates online these days, but you’ll still be meeting a stranger in person (even if only for a date). It’s important to keep your safety in mind when looking at someone’s profile or talking to them on the phone. For example, if you don’t drink, do not reach out to someone who has pictures of themselves holding a beer bottle (it’s not creepy, it’s just smart).

2. Don’t get hung up on rejection.

If a person doesn’t respond to your first message or two, it may simply mean they aren’t interested. Instead of getting hung up on this, try to connect back to your motivations for dating and the kind of relationship you want to create.

3. Use a quality photo.

Having a great photo on your profile can help you stand out and attract more people to you. Make sure to include a head-on shot and one of you smiling. If you’re not sure how to take a good picture, ask a friend for advice or turn to an expert photographer for assistance.