Prep and Pass Review

Prep and Pass is a great course option for students that want to challenge themselves in their studying. The course provides a lot of practice questions, simulated tests and lessons that will help you build confidence in your abilities. Having the ability to track your progress and see what areas need more focus is an excellent feature. This is a very popular prep course and has been chosen 60,000 times to help students prepare for their NMLS license.

Laughing Your Way provides a lot of high quality content for its price. It offers a ton of funny mnemonics that can make hard-to-remember medical content easier to recall (like Alport syndrome vs. Apert syndrome). The course is not a replacement for a full study guide, but it can be a fun addition.

Unlocking Success: RIBO Exam Prep Tips and Tricks

Both PASS Program courses use the online D2L system to assign assignments and connect you with peers and instructors. Whether you choose the live on-site classes or the self-study on demand package, both options will provide weekly test taking strategy sessions and lots of study drills and practice questions. The PASS Program is one of the more expensive prep courses, but it delivers an old school approach to learning that can work well for many students.

Both PEP and PREP have 8-week course modules that will push your time management skills in preparation for writing case-based exams. PEP also has an extension option that lasts 20 weeks. The Adaptive plan in PEP is an effective tool to help you target your studies, as it will show more practice questions that are relevant to categories/topics that you need to improve on and less of the question types that you have already mastered.