Finite Solutions Home Cinema – Turning a Basement Into a Movie Palace

With modern Cinema Install often filled with overpriced popcorn and noisy teenagers, the home cinema is becoming more and more of an attractive option when building or improving a property. But a specialist professional installation is key to delivering the kind of cinema experience that truly takes your movie-watching up a notch.

That’s exactly what Leeds-based AV install firm Finite Solutions has done with this eye-catching makeover of the client’s basement into an opulent picture palace. The homeowner – a huge music and film fanatic with a large collection of hi-def titles – approached the company demanding that his new movie room deliver a stunning image and sonic performance.

Aesthetic Excellence: Designing Your Home Cinema with Finite Solutions

Finite’s solution was to dig out the basement to create a dedicated media space and fit out the room with a completely new 7.2 surround sound system that uses Linn Akurate speakers and amplifiers for the front left, right and centre channels and the company’s high-end Majik speakers and amps for the rear and side channels. An Anthem AVM 50v processor ties the whole thing together, providing its ARC room EQ system and twin bespoke DSPs.

The room is also equipped with a Savant smart control system which allows the owner to easily select a premade ‘Movie Mode’ setting that instantly dims the lights, lowers the projector screen and surround system and turns on the film player. It’s an approach that should encourage movie nights to become a regular event rather than an occasional treat.