Grabovoi Numbers

Grabovoi numbers   are a series of numerical sequences you can say, write down, or trace in the air that’s said to grant you whatever you want, from love and money to health and success. The idea is based on the alternative medicine principle of radionic signatures, which suggests that everything has a vibration or frequency ascribed to it. When that vibration gets changed or distorted, it can cause disease or malfunction. Grabovoi codes are supposed to unlock the natural energy of those frequencies to correct these distortions and manifest your wishes.

Healing by Numbers: A Deep Dive into the Transformative World of Grabovoi Numerical Sequences

There’s a bit of controversy attached to the Grabovoi numbers, though it has nothing to do with their form or function. The numbers were developed by Grigori Grabovoi, a paramedic, mechanic, alleged clairvoyant, and cult leader who was convicted of fraud in 2008. He claimed to be the second coming of Jesus, could fix Uzbekistan’s national airline using “extrasensory diagnostics,” and that he had been able to predict engineering problems on 360 flights.

He also promised grieving mothers who lost children in a 2004 hostage gang shooting in Beslan, North Ossetia, that he would resurrect their children for a fee of about $1,000 euros. He went on to build a following, setting up multiple namesake organizations, including a nonprofit foundation and a church registered in Erie County, New York.

Insider reached out to Grabovoi’s followers, but a spokeswoman said the healer had declined to respond to any of our questions. Regardless, Grabovoi’s conviction appears to have had little to do with his alleged spiritual powers or the fact that he charged his victims money; it was more likely a case of political targeting and tampered evidence.