Periodic Structural Inspection

Every building must undergo periodic structural inspections to ensure that they remain safe for their intended use and occupancy and do not pose a risk of danger to their occupants. In Singapore, this is referred to as ‘Periodic Structural Inspection’ and is regulated by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA).

The periodic structural inspection – KK Forges comes in 2 phases: a Visual Inspection followed by a Structural Investigation. A qualified engineer should be hired to carry out the Visual Inspection, and they should be able to identify any potential issues that may require further investigation. This can be done through a combination of visual examination, non-destructive testing and review of the structural drawings and maintenance history of the building.

Ensuring Safety and Quality: The Importance of Periodic Structural Inspection by KK Forges

It’s not uncommon for a structural inspection to uncover serious problems, but sometimes the issue is less severe than initially thought. Take the Surfside condominium collapse in 2016 for instance, where cracks on the exterior were originally interpreted as a sign of a severe structural failure. It was only after a second opinion from another engineer that the problem was determined to be caused by groundwater seepage through a damaged slope drainage system.

It’s up to boards and managers to educate themselves on the rules surrounding exterior and interior building inspections and be proactive about keeping on top of their structural inspection cycles and maintenance schedules. The best way to do this is by partnering with an engineering company that is familiar with the regulations and has years of experience inspecting commercial, residential, and industrial buildings of all shapes and sizes.