What Is Wetpour Maintenance?


Wetpour Maintenance is the process of keeping your playground surfacing clean and suitable for children through a series of strategies. The best way to guarantee your surfacing remains healthy and safe is through proactive servicing which ensures the surface stays clean and performing to its maximum consistently.

It’s vital that all soft pour surfaces have regular maintenance undertaken throughout the year to make sure that they remain in prime condition. This is the only way to guarantee that they adhere to the BS EN 1176 performance specification for impact attenuation and surface resistance.

Playground Hygiene 101: Disinfecting Wetpour Surfaces

Grass, weeds and leaves should always be removed from the surface as soon as possible because if left long enough they will break down and clog the pores in the wetpour which can lead to the surface becoming unusable. It’s also important to regularly brush the wetpour surface with a soft-bristled brush to remove any mud or dirt that may have built up. This is done to help avoid any potential harm for children who play on the surface and it can prevent puddles from forming which would be unsafe for children to use.

Any damage that occurs to a wetpour surface should be dealt with immediately and a rubber surfacing expert should be called out to complete a repair straight away. If a rip or tear in the surfacing is left unattended the wetpour will lose its anti slip properties which could lead to young people falling over and hurting themselves. If a full resurface is required due to this it’s often the case that a ‘band repair’ can be completed which involves removing the perimeter edge of the surfacing and re-pouring the wetpour safety rubber-resin mix to fix the issue.